Bullish Bob Bagley was born December 06, 1944 to the parents of an Air Force serviceman and a war-time bride in the old St. Paul Hospital in Dallas, TX.  After the war, my Dad graduated from Texas A&M on the G.I. Bill, and as a family we moved to Carrollton in 1949, the day after the big flood.  I can still remember the waterline of the debris that was on our door sill, but the water did not get in the house.  My Dad taught Vocational Agriculture in Carrollton for 32 years and retired.  My Mother worked some and stayed home some.

I graduated in the first class from R.L. Turner High School in May 1963, and accepted a full 4 year football scholarship to Baylor University.  I was a defensive guard at Baylor and to make my scholarship worth more took up to 20 hrs a semester.  I majored in Economics and Finance with “almost minors” in journalism and marketing.  I graduated in May of 67, entered law school in June of 67 and was drafted in May of 68.  Due to football injuries, I flunked the draft.  I withdrew from law school and entered the brokerage business 09.01.1968.

On 09.01.1989, I started Bullish Bob Bagley Securities, Inc.  No firm I was ever with or interviewed with, is still in business.  This is an amazingly tough business.  It is also incredibly rewarding with the people you get to meet and work with.  People without character and integrity are weeded out rather quickly.

09.01.2017, I will start my 50th year in this business.  I am now 72 and am excitedly looking forward to the next blessed 50 years and then we will reassess the plan.