Margin Loans


Why do business with us?  Our interest rates–see the chart below!  Our rates pretty much track the 10-year treasury plus a premium.

We have no set-up fees/charges such as:

  • Loan policy and endorsements ●  Record deed of trust
  • Courier fees ●  Inspection fees
  • Escrow fees ●  Tax service fees
  • Tax reserve ●  Loan origination/discount fee
  • Mortgage insurance premium ●  Miscellaneous loan fees
  • Guaranty fee
  • We are all digital.  Once your portfolio is established with us, we can wire you the money in about 4-10 business days.  If you are a foreigner, we can globally work in 23 currencies.  Our loans are on an indefinite payback basis.  If you have erratic cash flow, this is a Godsend from having to meet a monthly or quarterly payment.  The margin interest is debited directly to your account on a monthly basis.  You continue to get your dividends and interest.  You can buy and sell within your portfolio, but we retain it for collateral until our loan is repaid.  We do release all capital over the 50% portfolio lending limit.  For our rates to be so low with no other fees or charges, it must be simple to do business with us.

What we do not do is work with 3rd parties.  We only accept specific collateral!  We accept nearly anything we can find in the Wall St. Journal:  stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.  We do not accept real estate, retirement accounts, vehicle titles, annuities, or bitcoin.

What are your risks?  1.  Quality of your collateral, which you determine.  2.  Amount borrowed against your collateral–there is a maximum we lend.  3.  Currency risk, but we offer 23 other currencies vs. the dollar.


Who is Bullish Bob Bagley Securities, Inc.?  To do your homework/research on us, please go to, click on BROKER CHECK, on the right side of your screen, and our firm CRD # is 24761 and my individual CRD # is 10044.  My son, Tres, also works with me and his CRD # is 2529749.  Our SEC file No. is 8-41372.  Our call symbol is BOBS.  You can also contact the State Securities Board of Texas in Austin.  You would be grateful at how diligent they are in our state.

Let’s say you want to own a ranch.  Blake Hortenstine has the Star Brand Ranch in the next county, Kaufman, for $17M.  A portfolio of funds or stocks worth $35M would put you in the saddle or tractor seat in 4-10 business days from the time you read this.  A nearly 5,000-acre ranch in the next county is harder to put together than a $35M portfolio.  You could still own your portfolio and the ranch.  Your portfolio is the collateral. This ranch is a piece of immortality.  Our interest rate is 3.07% at this level.

A bit further away, Harlan Ray will sell you the Dale Ranch at $12.5M in Jack, Parker & Wise Counties.  This ranch would only require a portfolio of $25M.  If you are overseas, and wanting to put money in Texas, we can do this in 23 currencies.  C’mon down!  Our interest rate is 3.09% at this level.  If you reside in the USA and have securities in Taiwan, Thailand, or Turkey, we are here to do business with you.

If all you want is a long weekend escape, a place to hunt or fish, or just paint a watercolor of a beautiful landscape, Joe Wilson has all kinds of $1-2M ranches for you. Our interest rate on $1M is 3.75% and on $2M is 3.48%.  Give old Joe a call!

B&S Guns is the nearest gun store to me.  If you want to buy a $300 gun from them and do not want to disturb your portfolio to do so, we will make you the loan at 4.2%.  In fact, you could buy up to $100,000 worth of their products and your rate would still be 4.2%.  They would like that too!


Give us an opportunity to say, “Yes!”