Margin Loans

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What we do is make margin loans against the collateral value of stocks, bonds, and mutual fund portfolios.  Due to Federal Reserve restrictions, the Securities & Exchange Commission, and FINRA, we are restricted to loan only 50% of the value of the portfolio.  In order to margin finance any property/asset, just double the price of the property/asset- that is the value of the portfolio we would need.

For example, at this time, the most expensive home in Dallas is for sale for $48,900,000—to buy this home you would need a portfolio value of $48.9M X 2 = $97.8M*

To buy a $37M ranch, you would need a portfolio of $74M**

To buy a $3M plane, boat, piece of machinery, you would need a portfolio of $6M.

But we also lend money in amounts of $500.00 and a $1,000, if the customer wants it in increments that small.  We do have restriction of a minimum of $5,000 portfolio value—$2,000 of this is due to the regulations and $3,000 of this is just our restriction.

Why do business with me?  My interest rates—see the chart below.  You can waste the time, but it is going to be incredibly difficult for you to beat my rates.  Unlike a bank or even worse, a mortgage company, we have NO SET UP FEES.  We have no points, no delivery fees, nothing.  Study the little pigs the mortgage company/bank  brings to the trough for you to get money!  And we can do all of the above in about 4 to 10 business days and wire the money to the portfolio owner.  We do not deal in 3rd parties.  Four of you could borrow $25k a piece to buy a $100k item, but we would open 4 accounts and wire the money to all four of you.  What you do with the money is up to you!

Other facts—we cannot loan against individual retirement accounts.  No prepayment fees.  We make indefinite loans.  By that I mean, unlike the bank there is no set monthly payback on a certain date.  We hold your collateral though until you pay off the loan, but you can still trade your portfolio, collect your dividends and interest, and vote your proxies, or move your account to Schwab and pay much higher interest rates.  What we do is charge 1/12 of your interest rate, be it 2.5%, 3% or 3.5%, to your account with each passing month.  For those of you with erratic cash flow, this is a tremendous GOD SEND.  Say, you are a builder and your crew needs their paychecks, but the houses you sold are being held up by the mortgage company demanding a 3 year old tax return from some state the buyer used to live in, and your house can’t sell because of that, so you are cash flow poor.  How do you meet that payroll?  You borrow against your portfolio with me and meet your payroll demand and in 9 days when the mortgage finally pays you, you then pay off your loan to me, plus 9 days interest.  Our interest rates will fluctuate both up and down due to the Federal Reserve.   In my opinion, the 10 yr treasury is the best yardstick to follow, as we track it very closely for a base rate.  We can also finance all of the above in up to 23 currencies.  If you have any foreign customers, we could be very helpful.

What are my risks?  Your major risk is market volatility.  In law school, my contracts professor, Colonel Windorff, a full bird colonel as he used to say, “IN WRESTLING, FOR EVER HOLD—THERE IS A GUARD AGAINST IT!”  The easiest way to solve the market volatility risk is to borrow less than 50% of the value of your portfolio. If you put up a $1M dollar portfolio, at most borrow only $350-$400k.  If you respect the market, it will respect you as well.  This is a great tool to be used to finance anything.  Tools are great multipliers of your strength until you misuse them—then they can hurt you.  You also have a currency risk in that we deal in US Dollars.  We can deal in up to 23 currencies if you are so inclined.  The regulators can also raise and lower margin requirements, but they do try to do this judicially as you can imagine the impact on the market.

How do you take advantage of this great deal?  You open an account with me, by my emailing you a new account form.  You fill it out and email it back to me.  Unlike a lot of firms, we ask a lot more questions, some of which are complicated.  This is for your protection as well as our own.  We intend to be here decades from now.  We then move your portfolio to our clearing firm, and you are in business to borrow money.  You can borrow a lump sum up to 50% of the value of your portfolio, remember market volatility, or amounts as small as $500.00.  You notify my clearing firm directly thru your account.  You do not need to notify me, or involve me.  We are all digital.  It takes some getting used to, but it is kinda like a toll tag compared to a toll booth.  I am always here, but you are even closer to your money than you have ever been in the past.

Who is Bullish Bob Bagley of Bullish Bob Bagley Securities, Inc.?  To do your homework/research on me, please go to, click on BROKER CHECK, on the right hand of your screen, and my firm CRD # is 24761 and my individual CRD # is 10044.  If you dig around in there, you will find my oldest son with Morgan Stanley.  He can make you the same margin loan too, but Morgan Stanley, like the list above, probably can’t match my interest rates!  My SEC file No. is 8-41372.  My call symbol is BOBS.  You can also contact the State Securities Board of Texas in Austin.  You would be grateful at how diligent they are in our state.  The regulators may miss a Madoff from time to time, but overall, they work exceedingly hard for your benefit and protection.

*An old money stock in Dallas would be something like Texas Instruments.  Someone in TXN might want to live in that house.  TXN closed 2017/18/17 @$80.15 or a market capitalization of $79.35 Billion.  $79.35 Billion divided by $97.8M = 811 prospects to buy that house.  And this is just one company here in Dallas.  The interest rate would be under 2.5% and imagine closing on this house by August 31—very possible.  If you sold this house to one of the 811 prospects, what would the other 810 buy?

**New money stock in Dallas would be something like Apple.  Somebody in Apple has a hankering for a great ranch.  AAPL closed 2017/08/17 @$157.86 or a market capitalization of $815.38 Billion.  815.38 Billion divided by $74M = 11,018.6 prospects to buy this ranch.  Not all of these prospects are in Dallas, but it would surprise you at how many probably are because of our no state income tax.

Give us an opportunity to say, “Yes!”