Margin Loan Financing Rates

$0-100,000                                                        4.9%                                                           $100,000.01-1,000,000                             4.4%                                                         $1,000,000.01-3,000,000                        3.9%                                                        $3,000,000.01-200,000,000                  3.7%

Our rates are tied to the 10 yr Treasury+ a modest spread for us.                                                               Calculate your blended rate: Margin Loan Calculator

It takes us 4-10 biz days to wire the funds to the portfolio owner.  We can do this in 23 currencies for your global customers, or currency diversification.

I keep getting the question at these interest rates, “Where is your money coming from?”  Answer:  my clearing firm, Interactive Brokers.  You may not have heard of Interactive Brokers before, but I bet you have heard of Goldman Sachs (GS).  Interactive Brokers, (IBKR), trades at 36% the capitalization of GS, 2018/12/21.  Permit me to give you an idea of how great IBKR’s management is—according to the most recent govt report, GS has 39,800 employees, while IBKR has 1,380.  GS has 28.8X the number of employees and yet IBKR trades at 36% of their value, 2018/12/21!  You don’t read about crooked dealings involving IBKR either.

You have probably heard of Raymond James.  RJF trades at less than ½ of the value of IBKR and yet they have 10X the number of employees—13,900.  Have you considered the safety of where you have your portfolios?  I have had a clearing firm fail and go into SIPC liquidation.  SIPC did their job of protecting the investor!

Example:  Let’say you want to buy a $20M home, or a $20M ranch, or an $80M airplane.   You do not deposit your $40M or $160M portfolio with Bullish Bob Bagley Securities, Inc. – you deposit it with IBKR, the clearing firm custodian.  BOBS is a Broker/Dealer and merely the gate keeper for IBKR.  You stand on one side of the fence,  and on the other side of the fence, is all the luscious green grass you can eat.  B³ is merely the gate keeper to the other side!  You want to go thru the gate and “chew your cud” on the other side in a nice shady spot, or go “wheels up” with us….grin…b³

If you have charge cards with debit balances and interest rates ranging as high as 29.99%, plus late fees, etc., we also offer a credit card with a current, subject to fluctuation with the fed, interest rate of 4.9% for amounts under $100k.  Your portfolio has to be worth double your debit, but with no late fees and our frugal interest rates, you could more quickly pay off those credit cards and get back to real investing with us.

TERMS:                                                                                                                                   No monthly, or quarterly payment required.                                                                                     indefinite/unscheduled payback.                                                             No credit score required.                                                                               No other fees to obtain the loan. 

Collateral accepted:      STOCKS/MUTUAL FUND PORTFOLIOS          We do not accept real estate, retirement accounts, annuities, vehicle titles, o/g-mineral royalties for collateral.  Most banks, credit unions, and mortgage companies are reticent, or do not accept stocks/mutual funds for collateral.  After we wire you the money, it is yours to do with as you like.

If you have erratic cash flow, this is a Godsend from having to meet a monthly or quarterly payment.  The margin interest is debited directly to your account on a monthly basis.  You continue to get your dividends and interest.  You can buy and sell within your portfolio, but we retain it for collateral until our loan is repaid.  We do release all capital over the 50% portfolio lending limit.  For our rates to be so low with no other fees or charges, it must be simple to do business with us—No paper, all digital.

Your risks:                                                                                                                               Quality of your collateral, which you determine                                             Quantity Borrowed, the Fed limits us to a max of  50% loan to value  borrow less than the max                                                                                                 Currency Risk, we do offer 23 other currencies vs the dollar                 

On amounts over $10k we pay an annualized rate of 1.9% for the days deposited with us.

To do your homework/research on  Bullish Bob Bagley Securities, Inc. , please go to, click on BROKER CHECK, on the right side of your screen, and our firm CRD # is 24761 and my individual CRD # is 10044.  My son, Tres, also works with me and his individual CRD # is 2529749.  Our call symbol is BOBS.  Members of SIPC.  You can also contact the State Securities Board of Texas in Austin.  You would be grateful at how diligent they are in our state.

Give us an opportunity to say, “Yes!”